Pitching Washers



  • Professionally powder coated to resist chipping (compared with traditional painted washers)
  • Durable and long lasting, Grade 5 rolled steel, that is of consistent weight
  • USS Size Washers & Zinc Plated for Durability
  • Each set includes 4 RiverCity Pitching Washers of one color
  • Each set includes a collectible tin carry case
  • Available colors include red, white, blue, yellow, orange, purple, pink, green, black, neon green, neon orange, silver, and gold.


RiverCity pitching washers provides players of the game of washers with a high-quality product that is manufactured to withstand the elements. Unlike traditional painted washers, RiverCity Washers are professionally powder coated to create a durable long lasting finish. Powder coating eliminates chipping, washer damage, and loss of color identification that occurs as standard paint quickly wears. The common element required is a durable and consistent pitching washers necessary to effectively play the game.


RiverCity Washers has developed quality pitching washers that incorporates the eclectic history and fundamentals of the game. While numerous versions of the game of pitching washers exist, the common component required are the actual pitching washers used to play the game. To accommodate all styles of play, RiverCity Washers offers four washers per package along with a collectible tin carry case.

At RiverCity Washers, we take every step possible to ensure our products help contribute to the effort of reducing wasted resources. We work with our manufactures to create our products using recycled plastics, used automobile tires, and re-fabricated steel.

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