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At RiverCity Washers we have developed a standard washers game board that encompasses existing game board that vary depending upon the region and history of the style of play in your area. This washers game board is produced with a high density plastic material capable of meeting the rigorous abuse with pitching washers. With various styles of play taken into consideration the RiverCity Washers game boards are a result of research to create an optimal washers game board.

You will notice that RiverCity Washers manufactures products that include all the advantages of other styles in order to provide a value add to our fellow washer players. Our product is completely made in the U.S.A. and is fun and safe for all ages.

RiverCity Washers was created in order to provide a consistent, durable, and high quality game board for the game of washers. A need was recognized to produce a standard product that could be easily reproduced and distributed to everyone that enjoys playing the game. This process identified the opportunity to improve upon previous versions of the product and create a more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

At RiverCity Washers, we take every step possible to ensure our products help contribute to the effort of reducing wasted resources. We work with our manufactures to create our products using recycled plastics, used automobile tires, and refabricated steel.

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