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RiverCity Washers encourages those entrepreneurs that want to build their own washer game boxes  to meet the design in which they have in mind. The game of washers does not have a standard board allowing players to be creative and create a unique game of their own.  The options are limitless, so be creative with the shape of the washers game, size of the playing area, size of the washers, scoring opportunities, and any other combination that you are familiar with.  You can also keep in basic and download the instructions available from RiverCity Washers to build your own washers game.  Anyone who downloads the washers game building instructions is eligible for a 10% discount of our pitching washers.  Once you are finished building your own game of washers, RiverCity Washers is happy to provide you with the pitching washers.  Face it – you don’t want to create your own metal washers and then spray paint them.  Be proud of your work and purchase some quality pitching washers from us!

You are welcome to download a ‘build your own’ tutorial to create a basic square washer game set made with wood and a few other materials.  These instructions will help you build your own while allowing you to be creative to personalize your own design that you and your friends are familiar with.

Once completed, send us the pictures ( and we would be happy to post them on our website!



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