Tips and Suggestions

TECHNIQUE: Pitching washers is a skill that is developed while playing in order to land the washers on the washer board. It’s advised that you throw or pitch a ‘flat’ washer, meaning that you may need to alter how the washer is thrown by pitching a washer with a taller ark, or loft. Over time a player will develop their own technique.

NOISE CONTROL: In order to further reduce the noise of the washers landing on the game board (if pitching washers indoors or after hours at a campground) put a towel, shirt, or leaves underneath the washer board. This technique will help reduce the sound associated with the washers landing on the game board.

MOVING TARGET: If playing on a loose or soft surface (for example: gravel, yard debris, sand, leaves), drill or punch two holes on the front edge of the washer game board and insert a metal stake, wire, or any other object that will prevent the washer board from sliding out of position.

DISTANCE: When unable to verify the distance of 21 feet between the center of one board to the center of the other, it’s suggested that an adult walk seven paces which is a good estimation to start with. If possible, carry a string or rope that is 21 feet in distance for assistance.

HARD SURFACE ALERT: Playing on hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, or gravel may cause excessive wear on the washers. Over time, this may also chip the powder coating of the washers.

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