Washers Game Terminology

Having trouble adjusting to the washers lingo? Feel out of place? Well, look no further! Here’s the place for all your answers. No more, will you ever wonder what a diddle, skunk, hanger, or the phrase, ‘get in the hole’ applies to more than in the game of washers!

  • Cover: When the opposing player lands a ‘Ringer’ on top of the washer(s) already in the cup.
  • Cup: This is referred to as the center hole in which is the target for the washer player. A washer in the cup scores the most points
  • Diddle: To determine the starting order for a game of washers, each player will pitch a washer at the opposite cup. The washer closest to the cup, or in the cup
  • Hanger: A pitching washer that lands, or hangs over the cup, but is not in the cup.
  • Game: When a team reaches 21 points, the game is over.
  • Pit: The washer game playing area, outside of the cup.
  • Pitch: An underhand toss of a pitching washer onto the washer game board.
  • Point: a pitched washer that scores a point at the end of the round.
  • Ringer: when a pitched washer lands in the cup.
  • Round: When each player pitches a washer and scoring has been completed.
  • Skunk: Reaching the score of 11 points before your washer game opponents scores. The score is 11-0 and the washer game is over.
  • Slider: Any pitching washers that land in front of the game board cup, sliding toward the cup.
  • Throw: This refers to pitching or tossing washers.
  • Washers: These are 2.5 inch outer diameter steel washers (1 inch inner diameter). Weight is variable.
  • Complete: When each team scores at least 2 points, the washer game will be complete when the first team reaches 21 points.
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