Washers Game Scoring

To begin a new game, each player/team throws one (1) washer towards the opposite washer board. The washer closest to the cup determines which player/team starts the game.

Each player pitches all three (3) washers in succession towards the opposite game board with the first person to throw being the player who scored last.

Three (3) points are awarded to washers that land in the cup and one (1) point is awarded to washers landing on the washer board. Only one player/team whose washers are closest to the cup will score points for the round.

If each player pitches a washer into the center cup it cancels each washer resulting in zero points awarded. If player B pitches a washer that hits one of player A’s washers and moves it into, or closer to the cup, then player A benefits by such action.

The first team to reach 21 points wins, or if a score of 11-0 is reached the game is over and deemed a ‘skunk’.

Players can choose to play “rally” style scoring in which all washers landing on the game board or in the cup score points. In this method of scoring, opposing washers do not negate each other.


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