Washer Game Styles

The game of washers offers a unique sporting experience that is enjoyed by all ages. Washers, as it’s commonly referred to, is a rather challenging sport to play though the equipment is not all that sophisticated.

The equipment available can be adapted to play any particular style so the game is rather versatile. This isn’t common with most popular sporting goods. One of the main components of the game includes the pitching washer itself which varies between the number of washers pitched to the size of the actual washers ranging from 2 inches to 3.5 inches – outer diameter.

Once you decide your preference then it’s on the game board itself. The following style of washer toss games are found to be the most consistent:


This style of washer game board presents a new and exciting change to the game of washers. It is a one hole game board that incorporates a slant board design.

The objective is to pitch the washer through the hole in the game board. All washers landing on the game board will also score a point (depending upon the scoring method used).

The advantages to this style of washers game is to increase the competitiveness of scoring and ability to acurrately pitch a washer. These washer game boards are often available in wood, or carpet covered wood. RiverCity Washers developed the same performance via a plastic and rubber washer game board composition.

Another style of washer game boards include three hole wood boards covered in outdoor carpet. This version of a washer toss game allows the player to stand on the game board while pitching the washers to the opposing washer game board. Each hole is scored differently. Often times, this version is not only considerably larger than most outdoor washer game sets, they also utilize 3.5 inch washers.


Outdoor washer games come in a variety of styles. The washer game boxes may be square, or octagon game boards with a pvc or tin can in the middle representing the target. These washer toss games are available in wood and molded plastic.

It’s important to understand the abuse these game boards will endure by consistently pitching washers against them. The durability is key to maintain your washer game investment.


With at least a set of 6 pitching washers, anyone can dig a hole in the dirt or sand, walk off 21 feet from hole to hole and begin a game of washers. Most experienced washer game players that enjoy this traditional style of play, will create and groom backyard washer pits that are similar to horseshoes.

Often times when playing washers in this type of environment, your pitching washer will have the ability to slide towards the hole. Thus, when playing this version of washer you typically want to land your pitching washer in front of the hole and slide it into the cup.

Once a player as decided the size of pitching washer they intend to use and the game board itself on which you will play the game of washers, the next challenge will be the distance played.

The distance between the boards or the center of the cup(s) ranges anywhere between 20 and 25 feet. Now you’re set to play! Not exactly.

How to score washers is your next challenge. There are two ways to accomplish this task. You can rally score, meaning that all washers on the board, in the box, or in the pit count. The rally scoring method will certainly speed up the game. The other washers scoring method refers to canceling out washers based upon distance to the hole/cup or based on the amount of washers in the box. The washer pitching terminology associated with this style is to ‘cancel’ or ‘wash’ which creates a more competitive experience.

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