Washer Game Instructions

While there isn’t a standard set of instructions and it would be nearly impossible to detail all the variations in how the game of washers is played, RiverCity Washers have come up with a basic and common set of instructions which may be used no matter which style of game board you play on.

The game of washers is a game of skill in which an individual or team competes against one another to reach a winning score of 21 points.

Washers is commonly played with two (2) or four (4) players that pitch six (6) washers (3 washers per team) onto the washer board. The game consists of two (2) game boards opposite of one another at a distance of 21 feet from the center of the cup to the other.

The object of the game is to pitch all washers into the cup, or onto the playing area to score points. While pitching the washers, the player must remain behind the front of the washer board in which they are throwing from.

Player A throwing all three (3) washers followed by player B throwing all three (3) washers onto Game Board #1- take score – then players C and D pitch their round onto Game Board #2 (if playing with four (4) individuals.

  • Pitching Washers Total: 6 Washers or 3 Washers Per Player
  • Game Board Distance (hole to hole): 21 Feet
  • Pitching Washers Total: 6 Washers or 3 Washers Per Player
  • First Player/Team to Score 21 Points Wins the Game
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